Jennifer Grant

Hey-it’s Jennifer Grant. I’m originally from the Midwest-born in Milwaukee, lived in Chicago and Ft. Wayne before moving to California when I was 12. Still a Cubs fan (yeah, yeah, I know but SOMEDAY we have to win, right?) but love living in sunny CA. I also like taking my Jeep out on the trails, seeing live music whenever I can, hanging with my 4 dogs and I’ve been a Big Sister with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for about 5 years, a great organization I love being a part of. I fell in love with radio when I was in the 2nd grade and have been hooked ever since. I’ve been doing this for almost 22 years and still absolutely love coming to work every day! Check me out from 10am-3pm on Y102 and don’t forget to send me your Flashback requests for the Flashback Café, every weekday at noon!